As socially conscious artists we feel the need to question how we market our content and who in turn profits from traditional means of internet advertising. Today, internet users are driven en masse to “influencers” and “aggregators” who peddle content on a pay-to-play basis, flooding the web with corporate sponsored content.

Investinginshares aims to disrupt and democratize the internet monetization ecosystem by crowdsourcing impressions for upstanding causes and brave spaces across the world. We invite emerging and mid-level artists to redirect marketing budgets towards social movements, social justice organizations and actions of resistance in return for engagement across the major social media platforms. When an artist promotes their content with they ensure that their marketing spend directly impacts positive change agency.

Circumventing the traditional process of paying a publicist or PR firm for website placement, an independent artist takes control of every impression collected by using the platform to deliver a portion of their allocated marketing budget to a charity of their choice in return for shares on social media platforms.

When end users choose to share content via, they reclaim stakes in their internet independence while non-profit fundraising with the same digital footprint from which technology companies have unapologetically profited for years.

The future belongs to the majority and your shares make a difference.
People Powered Since 2003.

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