Adam Ahuja - "River Surrounds"

Since 2004, Blood:Water has partnered with grassroots organizations in sub-Saharan Africa to join them in serving the communities where they work and to improve the health of community members. Through outreach and intimate knowledge of the areas where they work, our partners identify and empower local heroes to champion issues affecting the health of community members.

Adam Ahuja

NYC-based Adam Ahuja is a live-looping artist, keyboardist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who melds jazz, rock, funk, soul and electronic music into a fluid style. When Ahuja plays live, he offers what he calls a “neolive” experience: he performs and loop-records various instruments on stage, often inviting interactive participation from audience members. Ahuja’s adept performances, charisma, and novel approach to the “one man band” paradigm have made him a widely viewed social media presence with individual videos generating well over 25,000 views.

About Nutracode (Corporate Sponsor)

Co-founded by Adam's brother Shaun Ahuja, Nutracode is a globally-run nutrition brand, available across multiple continents to customers around the world seeking a greater sense of nutritional achievement and elevated fitness experience. Nutracode’s team of expert wellness professionals provide critical nutraceutical innovation – for now and for tomorrow. Nutracode is a corporate sponsor for the campaign, donating half of the amount going towards
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