The Hues Brothers Old Souls

Las Americas



The second single from The Hues Brothers new album “Old Souls” is a dedication to our ancestors, to the lives that touch us, to the young people we’ve worked with around the world and to preserving all of their stories. Sharing this video raises funds for Las Americas, a human rights non-profit serving immigrant and refugee families through outreach, advocacy and legal aid.







Las Americas

The Hues Brothers

If Octavia Butler and Howard Zinn co-wrote an episode of Black Mirror while bumping Sun-Ra, The Hues Brothers "Radio Activity" is the soundtrack: politically-charged Electronic Hip Hop pushing against the gravity of apocalyptic human invention, reaching towards alternative realities. This trans-Atlantic collaboration features NYC emcee Rabbi Darkside's signature intricate wordplay atop UK producer/turntablist Mr. Simmonds' headnotic production. "Radio Activity" is a signal boost to a distant planet, a road map at the intersection of technology and consciousness, neon dystopian jazz for the boom bap futurist.

About Las Americas

Las Americas is a 30 year-old, homegrown, non-profit dedicated to serving the legal needs of low income immigrants, including refugees, victims of crime, and families seeking reunification. Since 1987, Las Americas, which is certified by the Board of Immigration Appeals, has provided representation to more than 12,000 low-income immigrants in El Paso. Las Americas’ clients are from all over the world. The El Paso port-of-entry sees the second highest number of people crossing into the United States by land, second only to San Diego. El Paso is also an high-traffic corridor for illegal crossings. Las Americas strives to be an efficient organization, relying on volunteer attorneys and interns for many of its cases. We utilize all in-kind and monetary donations to provide better services to our clients, and we constantly strive to be on the frontlines of advocating for immigrant rights.
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